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Digital Marketing Consultant Services (Tips How to Choose The Best One)


How familiar are you with “digital marketing consultant” service? In this era of digital business development, this occupation is increasingly sought after.

Why are full stack digital marketing consultants needed? According to the Smart Insight survey, it was found that >50% of businesses do not have a marketing strategy or plan that is aligned with their digital marketing strategy.

So, in this article, we will find out how a digital marketing consultant can help your business, and how to choose the right one.

Why You Need a Marketing Consultant

1) To Get Insight from Professional

Marketing consultants bring specialized knowledge and experience to the table. They can offer fresh insights and innovative ideas that might not be readily apparent to those within the organization. Their different perspectives can help identify new opportunities and optimize existing strategies.

2) Data-Driven Approach

A good marketing consultant will conduct thorough audits and analysis of your current marketing strategy using data-driven methods. This ensures that decisions are based on concrete evidence rather than assumption. As a result, it will lead to more effective strategies and higher ROI.

3) End-to-End Solutions

Many marketing consultants offer full-service solutions based on your business objectives. This means they can handle everything, starting from strategy development to execution. It will save your time and resources while testing the strategies across all marketing channels.

4) Flexibility

Hiring a marketing consultant allows for greater flexibility in terms of commitment. Whether you need ongoing support or assistance with a specific project, consultants can adapt their services to meet your needs without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff.

5) Expertise in All Marketing Channels

A good consultant will have expertise across various marketing channels, including digital advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and traditional advertising. This ensures that your marketing efforts are well-rounded and optimized for maximum impact across multiple platforms.

Overall, a marketing consultant can add significant value to your business by providing expertise, insights, and resources that may not be available internally

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The Best Full Stack Digital Marketing Consultant

For those of you who need digital marketing consultant service, we are here ready to help you. Sasana Digital is a brand and business consulting company with over 5 years of marketing experience. Trusted with more than 90+ national and international clients, we apply comprehensive marketing audits and strategic planning to grow your business. 

Get a Trusted Marketing Consultant on your side to assess your performance and analyze the gaps.

We are a full stack digital marketing consultant/consulting that offer a holistic approach to marketing strategy and execution, covering all aspects of the marketing process from analysis to implementation. Here are our specialties:

a) Digital Marketing Audit Service

track record of digital marketing consultant service-1

We will have a thorough investigation of all digital channels that were previously pursued by your business. It aims to find more opportunities that can be applied as new strategies going forward. The most audited channels are Web & SEO, Social Media, Marketplace, and Advertising (Paid/Organic).

b) Digital Marketing Consulting Services

track record of digital marketing consultant service-2

We also provide digital marketing strategies consultation. This service goes through several steps: Discovery, Mentoring, Evaluation, and Monitoring to see if the results have an impactful growth effect for the company.

c) Corporate Training Digital Marketing Services

Corporate training is a service provided by Sasana Digital for businesses that want to improve their staff skills in digital marketing. This service provides training for 6 to 8 staff of your company.

Sasana Digital once contributed to a Travel and Umrah Business growth in sales and marketing. After conducting an audit of the marketplace platform and Meta Ads, there are significant results. The business successfully increased its turnover up to Rp2.4 billion with ROAS of more than 20x within 2 weeks after applying the ABC (Audience, Benefit, Content) principle.

d) Private Training Digital Marketing Service

track record of digital marketing consultant service-3

Sasana Digital is an alternative private training provider for your company that wants to include up to 4 teams. Through this service, trainees will learn the material as well as the implementation. After the training session is over, there will be post-training guidance benefits.

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Scope of Training Topics and Services

Sasana Digital can be the digitalization solution for your business, whether it’s developing your team’s skills through digital marketing strategies, or developing digital systems to maximize business performance.

service of digital marketing consultant

Why Should Sasana Digital?

As a full stack digital marketing consultant, our digital marketing strategy uncovers opportunities for your brand by optimizing the use of various digital marketing channels. 

This enables us to craft a customized multi channel conversion journey aligned with your audience’s behavior. Our experts or trainers will assist you in enhancing interaction rate, fostering brand allegiance, and elevating your conversion metrics.

And here is a list of our clients:

clients of digital marketing consultan

Sasana Digital also provides free consultation services for you.

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Practical Tips for Choosing Professional Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Ensure that the Consultant’s Activities Based on “Data” & “Research Results”

Ensure that the consultant emphasizes data and research in their activities. This involves analyzing market trends, audience behavior, and competitor strategies to help decision-making and optimize marketing efforts effectively.

  • Align Your Business “Goals & Objectives” with the Consulting Services Offered

It’s crucial to align the consultant’s services with your business goals and objectives. This ensures that the strategies implemented are focused on achieving specific outcomes that are beneficial to your company’s growth and success.

  • Check if the strategy overview recommended by the consultant is in line with current business needs and market trends.

Verify that the consultant’s strategy overview aligns with current market trends and your business needs. This ensures that the proposed approach is relevant and adaptable to the dynamic landscape of your industry.

  • Look at the “Portfolio, Testimonials, and Track Record” of the Digital Marketing Consultant

Evaluate the consultant’s portfolio, testimonials, and track record to measure their past performance and client satisfaction. This effort will give you insight into their expertise, capabilities, and the results they have achieved for other businesses.

  • Ensure the Digital Marketing Consultant Understands Online Consumer Behavior Patterns

Choose a consultant who demonstrates a deep understanding of online consumer behavior patterns. This includes knowledge of how consumers interact with digital platforms, making purchasing decisions, and engaging with brands online.

  • Ensure the Consultant You Choose Can Present Measurements That Lead to Conversions

Ensure that the consultant emphasizes the importance of measuring and optimizing for conversions. This involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, return on investment (ROI), and customer acquisition cost (CAC) to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and to drive tangible results.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about Digital Marketing Consultant

=> What is a digital marketing consultant?

Digital marketing consultants are experts or professionals who play an important role in understanding the digital business landscape, marketing strategies, and utilizing the right online channels to generate leads and increase conversions.

=> What does a marketing consultant do?

  • Formulate and implement effective marketing strategies
  • Act as an experienced and skilled partner in the field of digital business or digital marketing
  • Guide and provide valuable insights to companies to achieve desired business goals.

=> Why should you hire a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant can help you realize your online business goals effectively and cost-effectively.

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A digital marketing consultant is the architect behind successful online campaigns. There is a wealth of in-depth understanding that can be shared about various digital channels, tricks for designing strategies tailored to the business’s target audience, thus enabling engagement to conversion.

Essentially, partnering with a digital marketing consultant is not just an option in today’s competitive market; it is a necessity to stay ahead in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level in the world of digital marketing, let’s collaborate to design strategies that align with your business needs and goals. Contact us now for further consultation and start your journey towards digital success!

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