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To Who is Digital gym services?

To business/brand who want to reach out to the digital world, but are confused:
"How to Get Started? Measure KPIs? And Evaluate Digital Marketing Strategy?"
Help Business Owner build the most appropriate strategy for its business.
Accompanying Marketing Team & Manager evaluate and optimize digital marketing strategies.
Mentoring Digital Team execute strategies with guaranteed proven tips & tricks.

Anything Digital Marketing Services for Business?

There is 4 services that can be customized with business or brand characteristics You are currently.
A scalable training program to improve the performance of company employees.
A flexible business marketing training program to increase your business capacity in the digital industry.
Helping entrepreneurs & managerial levels in maximizing marketing performance with business digital marketing consulting services.
Get more attention from customers by being present on various digital platforms so they can connect directly with your business.
Sasanadigilab is a pre-employment training partner that provides training related to the business world in the digital era.

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Topic Training & Consulting

Master digital marketing strategies from A to Z in practical sessions and consultations.

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Here are some portfolios of consulting & training services for business/company marketing.

How to respond Sasana Digital client?

Here are the stories of some of our clients in industry Cosmetic, Food & Beverage, and Fashion.

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Optimize Operating Costs and Sales with Digital Technology.

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Sasana Digital

Sasana Digital team moment with a client.

Consulting, Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy consultation: Kids Fashion Business

A children's fashion business from Banjarmasin, has been established for a long time running a conventional business, and finally began to expand into online sales by opening a sales channel on the Indonesian Marketplace. But after 1 year of running the business from the online channel has not yet produced the desired results.

Through the consultation program, Sasana Digital provides assistance to all online sales staff in optimizing their digital channels.


Increase in conversion (within 1 month)

Consulting, Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy consultation: Women's Fashion Business

A fashion business from Bandung, has run various promotional strategies to introduce its brand, but has not gotten the sales results that the company has targeted.

Through the consulting program, Sasana Digital provides assistance by starting with an audit of all marketing channels owned by the business, from the results of the audit several obstacles are found, so in the process, Sasana Digital helps in developing strategies so that business sales conversions can increase.


Revenue Increase (in 2 months)

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