I. General Provisions

To facilitate both Parties, the provisions of the services or scope provided are detailed as follows:

  1. We, as the party appointed by the Client, will carry out obligations and responsibilities as agreed upon by the Client.
  2. The Client agrees to commit and engage sufficiently in collaboration with us to complete the agreed-upon work or scope.
  3. If discrepancies are found in the agreed-upon work or scope and additional work is required, the Client agrees to additional charges to align with the work’s implementation.
  4. In the event of discrepancies during the work, we will be responsible as agreed upon and adjusted according to termination terms.
  5. Besides being proven through an agreed-upon Quotation, approval can also be demonstrated through channels such as Email and WhatsApp, which are other valid digital means of agreement as per legal regulations.

II. Communication Representative

To facilitate communication and work implementation, the Client must provide an authorized contact person to instruct Sasana Digital regarding the agreed-upon Work Scope. The authorized contact person is responsible for information exchange between Sasana Digital and the Client. Communication not initiated by the designated contact person will not be acknowledged or acted upon, as it’s considered unauthorized.

III. Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

  1. The Client is not entitled to claim or demand any responsibility beyond what is within the provided Service Scope and not entitled to claim for damages outside specific terms as agreed upon in the work or scope. This condition remains effective even after task completion.
  2. Our maximum liability to the Client and third parties, regardless of the cause, related to the provided Service Scope in this Quotation, will be limited to the fees paid for the Service Scope or performance of work that gives rise to liability.
  3. Our work relies heavily on information provided by the Client, which we lack the authority to verify. Hence, the Client must supply relevant, accurate, and complete information. Decisions related to our assignment will be discussed and approved by the Client.
  4. Consequently, we are not responsible for losses or legal consequences resulting from the failure to provide relevant, accurate, and complete information, and/or decisions made and approved by the Client. We are not liable for delays or failures in performance due to circumstances beyond our control.

IV. Taxes

  1. We agree to pay all local government taxes or any other applicable taxes required for fees and services. The amounts mentioned in the Work Scope do not include taxes unless stated otherwise.
  2. In case of tax payment, the party responsible for paying taxes for this work must provide proof of such reporting.

V. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Works created or copyrights produced by us related to the agreed-upon tasks and scope will be transferred to the Client, along with the copyright or created works.
  2. All work produced by PT Sasana Digital becomes the exclusive rights of the respective clients. However, PT Sasana Digital can still use these designs for promotional purposes only. Exclusive rights include:
    • Publishing the design.
    • Distributing copies of the design.
    • Reproducing the design.
    • Creating derivative works based on the design.
    • If a client provides images, videos, or other content for use by Sasana Digital, Sasana Digital is not responsible for copyright issues related to that content (Client assumes responsibility for copyright violations).

VI. Confidentiality

  1. We are only allowed to use Confidential Information solely for the purpose of executing, considering, evaluating, and providing recommendations to the Client. We are not allowed to use, exploit, or in any way other than what is determined by the Client.
  2. Both Parties acknowledge that Confidential Information is valuable, special, and a unique asset of the Client and/or its affiliates and/or business partners. Therefore, we agree not to duplicate, provide, or distribute the Confidential Information in whole or in part in any way to any person, company, business entity, association, or other entity without written consent from the Client.
  3. We are obligated to: a. Maintain a good standard of handling Confidential Information and ensure that the Confidential Information obtained from the Client remains safe, not damaged, stolen, intentionally or unintentionally disclosed, leading to unlawful use. b. Implement good security standards for handling Confidential Information by ensuring that access to Confidential Information can only be done with written approval from the Information Provider. The tools used to access Confidential Information must not be used by unauthorized parties.
  4. Both Parties agree and commit to protect Confidential Information obtained from each other using the best possible handling standards, at least equal to their own confidential information handling standards, to prevent undesirable occurrences, including but not limited to information leaks, misuse of authority, duplication, copying, or at least making them similar, changing the content/format of the received Confidential Information.

VII. Termination

  1. Termination by the Client
    1. If the Client undergoes internal changes that affect the work scope due to internal decisions, resulting in the discontinuation of the Work Scope by the Client, the Client commits to pay obligations as agreed upon in this Quotation.
    2. if the company becomes insolvent, leading to the cessation of Client obligations, the Client’s obligations will be adjusted according to relevant bankruptcy regulations
  1. Termination by us
    1. If the Client fails to fulfill or violates obligations stated in this Quotation since its signing to approve, we reserve the right to terminate our commitments..
    2. If actions, deeds, or any form of actions carried out by the Client and/or other parties representing the Client without our knowledge, which we believe are detrimental to this Legal Service, occur, we reserve the right to terminate our commitments.
    3. If the Client does not fulfill Commitments based on the work scope, resulting in delays, we have the right to limit the time until the end of the year.
    4. Termination by either Party or Parties will not negate payment obligations that the Client must pay to us.

VIII. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved through negotiation, the legal venue for dispute resolution is the Office of the Industrial Relations Court (Kantor Kepaniteraan Pengadilan Hubungan Industrial) in Bandung City, Indonesia.

To avoid differences in interpretation of the Agreement on the Work Scope in the future, we hereby confirm that we have read, understood, and agreed to comply with all provisions in the service and any appendices that support it, as a unified and inseparable part of this agreement. The agreement can be modified or updated at any time as long as Sasana Digital agrees to these terms in the future; therefore, we agree to read and comply with these documents without exception.

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